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Zhengde “Safety Production Month” activity was successfully held in August 2021

Safe production is one of the important work contents of enterprises. Production safety is no small matter, prevention is the key. All departments conscientiously study national laws and regulations on work safety, pay close attention to new requirements and changes in work safety, firmly guard the bottom line of safety, and resolutely curb the occurrence of accidents.

In early August with security services security service contract, and please experts analyzed the typical production safety accident cases, combining with the production safety situation interpretation of the relevant laws and regulations, and from two aspects: the hidden perils in hazards identification, management, specific link for safe production of the "a pair of responsibilities, negligence liability" strict requirements. Experts enter the workshop for on-site diagnosis, and at the same time do a good job in preventive experiments and risk prevention identification, timely and accurate identification of hazard sources, strengthen the consciousness of the main responsibility of each production line staff, to achieve the transformation of safety production from "full participation" to "full responsibility".

In the middle of August
The implementation of safety production written documents, the process of safety production work to "leave traces", especially with employees, suppliers, external construction units to sign safety agreements, to implement the responsibility of the main body. At the same time, through the establishment of safety work group, inview of the common problems, pool wisdom and work together, effectively solve. To always implement the guiding ideology of "safety first, prevention first", to carry out solid and effective safety work, effectively improve the safety level, for the company's production safety, business quality escort

In late August
Organization employees to participate in pukou streets safe school training, the staff seriously study safety knowledge and participate in safety examination, further deepen the safety consciousness, safety is the enterprise eternal topic, "safety in production, the production must be safe", create a "everyone speak security, everywhere about safety, always speak security, everything is safe" thick atmosphere.


Post time: Apr-27-2022