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Zhengde Motor: keep the fine tradition, the production is in full swing

February 22th, 2022, the twenty-second day of the first lunar month,

Zhengde Motor is based on the transformation and promotion of automation equipment, and the production situation is good in the New Year. All workshops began normal production. The overall spirit of the staff is good, the rate of operating staff arrival reaches 99%, and the production is stable and the quality is stable, creating a good new record.


The production site is brightly lit and motors rumble. Because of the epidemic, some non-local employees gave up going home for the Spring Festival and the opportunity to reunite with relatives and friends. After the Spring Festival, they fought hard at their posts immediately. Working hard and busy, they looked at the completion of boxes of products, their faces are always filled with sweet smile.

All staff get the local custom of "red" red envelope, happy face, in high spirits into production.

This is just some microcosm of the whole zhengde Motor spring start. Each department raced to be the first, unwilling to lag behind, some internal management staff also rotate under the workshop to support production, to ensure the smooth implementation of the plan.

A year's plan in spring, planning development and new bureau. The company's New Year production strong start, the company's all cadres and staff feel excited. In the New Year, all zhengde people are full of confidence and embark on a new journey!

Post time: Apr-27-2022