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ZD Motor: Strong wind blower, has a huge market potential

The floor blower helps greatly in the effect of dehumidification and ventilation. Especially in hotels, stations, airports, shopping malls, supermarkets, public bathrooms, hotel kitchens and other places that need to be kept dry at any time. In rainy weather, the cleaned ground is easy to wet, it is difficult to dry quickly, the wet ground environment makes passing pedestrians leave footprints, and people who do not pay attention are easy to slip.

In addition to the ability to dry quickly, the floor blower can also blow away the odor in the space, especially in the toilet and canteen, only a small floor blower can be ventilated to remove the odor.

Therefore, the application scenarios of the floor blower are actually very many, and a floor blower is very necessary for the above mentioned scenarios.

So Zhengde Motor Company in response to the above needs, what types of floor blowing machine? Today mainly from the appearance and performance to summarize.

Before that, though, a few digressions: In addition to the conventional version of the blower mentioned below, Zhengde Motor factory can accept the needs of ustomers from different countries, customize the blower that customers need, the range of customization includes the motor of the blower – which can determine the performance of the blower, including air volume, wind speed, energy saving, etc., color, shape, length of the wire and so on. It can also provide the packaging design of the floor blower and other materials needed for export that are helpful to sales.


Without further ado, the following is a simple overview of the BJ series floor blower:



Small portable and large floor blowers with drawbar rollers.

Small portable floor blower is more suitable for household and small area places, light and convenient, rated power is optional in 1300W-2000W, the use area is 25m³-45m³, can be placed at three angles, flat, vertical, oblique can be placed to cope with different use scenarios.

Large floor blower with tie rod roller, handle height can be freely adjusted, no need to bend over, push and pull like tie rod box, easy to use, suitable for 120m³, rated power 6000W, weight 11KG.

In addition, the shell of the floor blowing machine is made of very durable rotary molded plastic, very hard and firm, will not be deformed, the interface of the plastic shell is also very smooth, smooth lines, beautiful production, no rough feeling.



BJ series of floor blower, all use pure copper wire winding embedded iron shell motor, in the production of motor in this process, Zhengde motor company has accumulated more than 20 years of experience, the quality of its export motor is very good, super quiet, long life, will not rust, slow down the phenomenon.

The wind speed and air volume of the floor blower have a strong core support, and the internal motor of the machine will not make a huge noise for a long time, nor will it be hot, and it has a large air volume and is very stable.

In terms of details, the air outlet of the blower is designed with a very firm grille to prevent debris and foreign bodies from entering the fuselage; In terms of energy consumption, the motor of the floor blower uses an energy-saving device, which is very low consumption.

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