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ZD motor:Welcome the New Year and get ready

At the beginning of the new year, Zhengde Motor Factory ushered in a new atmosphere. The entire factory is filled with a thriving working environment, and the scene of vigorous development is exciting.


When you walk into Zhengde Motor Factory, the first thing you see is the clean and bright factory building. Workers on the production line are operating various advanced equipment in an orderly manner to ensure the efficient operation of motor production. The New Year brings a new energy, and everyone is working together. The workers’ faces are filled with proud smiles, and they participate in every aspect of motor production with confidence.




 Zhengde Motor Factory focuses on the production of various types of motors, which are mainly used in air coolers of various models and in different scenarios. From custom air coolers to large industrial motors, the factory produces a wide range of products of the highest quality. In another workshop, workers are busy producing floor blowers commonly used for cleaning. These products have a high reputation in the domestic market and are also exported to the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries, earning the company a good international reputation.


Recently, the company has carried out a comprehensive renovation and upgrade of the factory. The new factory has multiple large-scale high-speed punching machines, which greatly increases production capacity. These newer equipment are equipped with intelligent control systems and can produce more motor products more efficiently. The entire renovation project includes modern facilities and green and environmentally friendly production processes, which not only improves the factory’s production efficiency, but also makes it more conducive to sustainable development in terms of environmental protection.


In the new year, Zhengde Motor Factory has entered a new stage of development with a new look. The passion and creativity of workers will drive the factory to better adapt to market demand and provide better products and services. In the new year and the new atmosphere, Zhengde Motor Factory will devote itself to future development with a more energetic attitude.