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In 2021, domestic and foreign iron ore, futures and overall price increases, what is brought? The price of raw materials continues to soar, and the domestic sea freight remains high without showing a downward trend. The cost of a product has increased by 400% based on the freight alone. According to the market, the price of foreign raw materials is 10% lower than the domestic price, and the short-distance transportation cost is low, with a difference of 2-3 DOLLARS per unit. Moreover, influenced by the long-term epidemic situation, the foreign sales market is not prosperous, the cash flow is slow, the customers with cash are few, and the customers can get lower prices in neighboring countries. A series of reasons resulted in a significant decline in the annual sales volume of our company.

Although encounter difficulties, the company or with provides the high-quality service for the guest, determination to produce high quality products, better service to maintain good old customers friends, with good quality to attract new customers, with sincere attitude to treat every guest, pay attention to every small detail and make the guest more familiar with our company and the company's products. To better promote the current cooperation and long-term effective communication and understanding in the future, the guests feel relieved that we release, and the road of sustainable development will never stop.

The department of professional technical team day and night diligent specialized research, for each customer to provide professional and comprehensive technical guidance and suggestions, to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of the product, the department accepts samples customized, the department has been adhering to the principle of small profits but quick turnover, customer products sell well is our greatest wish and expectation.

It is hoped that the epidemic can be controlled as soon as possible, so as not to repeatedly affect people's lives, so that the market can return to the previous vitality, so that people have more hope for the future economic development.

Post time: Apr-27-2022